There is a new phone that is holographic, which lets you see images pop up off the screen, similar to what you would see in a 3D movie theatre. People are very excited about the phone. Video camera maker RED is launching them through AT&T and Verizon this summer. The price of the device is estimated to be around $999, slightly higher than the iPhone X.

“We see in multi view, yet everything we watch on our phones is in 2D. We want to change that, so you get your content in multi view,” said RED founder Jim Jannard, according to USA TODAY. The product is called Hydrogen One.

Apart from the phone, RED sells high-end video cameras as their main products. The price can be up to $54,500 for high-resolution cameras. The company was originally started in a garage by Jim Jannard, the owner of outdoor sports brand Oakley. He set up a small team to fulfill his quest to build the best camera in the world. Nowadays, RED has an opportunity to showcase its phone to camera enthusiasts and the film community.

The Shot on RED ® logo. Courtesy: RED

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