RadonFTLab presented its radon sensing technology at the 2018 Sensors Expo and Conference. The expo was held on June 26 to June 28 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. The Sensors Expo and Conference is the largest event dedicated to the sensor technology industry, allowing people from around the world to network and focus exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems.

During the expo, RadonTFLab showcased their radon sensors. Radon is a dangerous chemical, “Because it’s odorless and is impossible to sense by human body,” explains Sung Soo Kim, Business Planning Team.

Radon is currently the number two cause of lung cancer and can be harmful to the human body given high levels or exposure. Some countries are requiring radon identification in homes and other public buildings. “The European country and South Korea, is starting to make a rule,” says Sung Soo Kim.

If a homeowner would like to sell his or her house, radon identification is necessary as part of health and safety inspections. As such, RadonTFLab’s sensors can provide quick radon level measurements for people.

Additionally, the radon sensors are also equipped with IOT technology, allowing users to get updated via their smartphones.

“Data can be sent to the smartphone by Bluetooth or wifi. So in the case the data is downloaded to the wifi, then the user can connect to the web server and they can connect to the data or sync the data, anytime, anywhere,” Sung Soo Kim explains.

The sensors produced by RadonTFLab are real-time sensors that will provide continuous radon detection and monitoring.

Launched in 2015, RadonTFLab is based in South Korea. RadonTFLab dedicated to developing ultra low-current stabilization circuit techniques for radon detection.

RadonTFLab is a part of a larger company under the name FTLAB. FTLAB conducts various research projects for developing technology based on electro-physics. The research is aimed at developing innovative and new technologies for radon sensing and measuring.

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