With the increase in distracted driving incidents, anything to help drivers become more aware of bicyclists on the road is a plus. Safety gadgets created for bicyclists such as flashing LED gloves made by Zackees, lighted helmets (including turn signal lights) by Lumos, and pairing capabilities with tech such as the Apple Watch, are already on the market. Walk into any Apple store for a better look.

Aside from safety, the latest and greatest of innovations for bikes is now available: an electric wheel you can attach to the bike you already own, by GeoOrbital. Installation can be as quick as one minute. Forget purchasing an entire electric bike; just get a wheel to help you up those steep hills.

Space issues? Get SONDORS folding electric bike, with the option of pedal assist. You can even ride it on the beach, fold it up, and stash it on your sailboat. Bahamas, here we come!

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