Micronor Inc. showcases its fiber-optic sensors at the 2018 Sensors Expo and Conference. The expo was held on June 26-28 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. The Sensors Expo and Conference is the largest event dedicated to the sensors technology industry, allowing people from around the world to network and focus exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems.

Micronor is a company dedicated to developing Fiber Optic Kinetic Sensors for both industrial and medical applications. “What makes the sensors that unique is that they are based on fiber optics, which means they can be used in any application in which you cannot use an electrical type system,” says Lawrence van der Vegt, V.P. Business Development.

The fiber optics technology is based on light transmission through transparent plastic or glass fibers. These sensors are immune to EMI and RFI, radiation, voltage and magnetic fields, making them inherently safe to use in a variety of applications.

Lawrence van der Vegt says, “Pretty much anything that moves” can utilize their optical fiber sensors.

As an example, the medical field can implement optical fiber sensors in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machines. Because the sensors are immune to outside interference, the extreme electromagnetic fields present in MRI units would not pose as a problem for the fiber optic sensors.

During the expo, Micronor demonstrates their Absolute Position Sensors. The Absolute Position Sensors are connected to a sensor controller with a light source built in, which will send light through the optical fiber.

“Based on the rotation or position of this shaft, it will send a certain code back to the controller,” explains Lawrence van der Vegt. The screen connected to the controller will display the exact position of the rotation.

Micronor Inc. was founded in 2003 in Newbury Park, California, and specializes in fiber optic encoders, resolvers, and sensors. They have partnered with various companies in solving and implementing solutions for nuclear research, medical MRI applications, and mining.

Micronor has been a pioneer of Fiber Optic Kinetic Sensors and has no competitors in the optical and fiber optics domain. Their main competition has been in the electrical industry, which is full of numerous competitors and innovators.

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