The Lynq’s innovative, compact, and waterproof people tracker locates its target anywhere, with no cell phone needed, by utilizing a new approach to GPS.

This nifty little gadget can track locations of up to 12 people, making it ideal for groups in crowds or on the slopes, while its easy to attach a carabiner and tough, waterproof case make it ideal for outdoor use, or keeping track of kids or dogs. The operation is straightforward and the display is simple to read. The range is three miles, and its battery is good for up to three days on a charge.

Providing real-time operations, the Lynq displays the distance and direction to the person who is tracked – no hesitation, no delay. One control button provides easy to use, uncomplicated operation.

Medical professionals and caregivers will find that Lynq’s designated safe zone provides a welcome level of security in caring for those with Alzheimer’s or special needs. The device will set off audio, tactile and light alarms as alerts immediately when the person tracked leaves the safe zone.  The alert is great for keeping tabs on kids too.

The underlying technology which allows the Lynq to operate worldwide, free of cell towers, and consists of long range, low power radio communication blended with GPS, using algorithms the company has developed. The custom antenna makes it possible for the Lynq to operate successfully anywhere in the world under an open sky.  The Lynq’s communication can be used successfully in military operations. It is secure without the need of add-ons, and groups are assigned their own private secure networks.

Tested on the slopes at Telluride last winter and recently in crowds at Coachella music festival, the Lynq’s performance earned glowing reviews from test users.  Already in production and with final testing in progress, this capable little device will be available to consumers in November, the company says.

Indiegogo is crowdfunding Lynq right now and taking pre-orders at heavy discounts.

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