On July 18th, Hoverboard showcased its new one-wheeled, electric skateboard, known as the Geoblade.

“Hoverboard technologies is dedicated to personal e-mobility devices or rideables,” said Robert Bigler, CEO of Hoverboard.

The Geoblade is one one of the company’s new products. During the showcase, attendees were able to test out the skateboards and ride around the plaza.

For first timers, the staff at the Hoverboard booth helped individuals learn the basics of riding the Geoblade.

The Geoblade has one wheel in the center, powered by batteries in the deck. The skateboard is also equipped with sensors that can detect whether the board is leveled. This is was allows the board to move forward and accelerate.

“As soon as you lean one direction, the wheel wants to accelerate to keep the board under you. So if you just keep leaning and don’t let it get level, then it’ll keep accelerating and go faster and faster,” explained Bigler.

To slow down, the rider can simply lean back to slow down to a stop. The board’s speed and direction is controlled by the rider’s body weight.

“Our mission at Hoverboard is to get these one-wheel electric skateboards helping people have fun in their last mile commute condition,” Bigler said.

To see Hoverboard’s products and what else the company plans to roll out, check out their website here.

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