A medical doctor from Taiwan had always considered himself very sensible and prudent in his work and everyday life.

As he grew older, he began to treat his minor aches and pains with many safe and effective methods, such as jogging, walking, bike riding, taking deep breaths, and working on proper posture. However, the results were always less than he expected.

“Later, I tried a relaxation method and felt slightly better than with other methods. However, as soon as I stopped doing it, my headache and all my other discomforts returned,” he wrote in a post shared by Minghui.org.

One day, the doctor saw a senior citizen who was nearly 90 years old practicing the exercises of Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, at Taiwan Father Memorial Hall in Taipei. Falun Gong is a spiritual cultivation discipline that teaches truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance, and it includes five meditative exercises.

Nearly 7,000 Falun Dafa practitioners form an image in a park in front of Tainan City Hall in Tainan, Taiwan, Nov. 24, 2013. The four characters say "Falun Dafa." (Cheng Shunly/Epoch Times)
Nearly 7,000 meditating Falun Dafa practitioners form an image with the characters “Falun Dafa” in a park in front of Tainan City Hall in Taiwan. (Cheng Shunly/Epoch Times)

The doctor noticed that the man stood there doing the exercises for an hour.

“He looked so healthy and energetic,” he said.

The doctor knew that Falun Gong practitioners had been persecuted in mainland China for their beliefs since 1999, and he felt sympathy for them. He hoped that visitors from the mainland would be able to come to Taiwan and talk to the practitioners there, who are free to practice in peace.

“They are my friends and family members,” he said. “According to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) propaganda, practitioners commit murder, poison others, commit self-immolation, and are mentally unstable. I have not observed any of my practitioner friends engage in such acts. On the contrary, they are all peaceful and kind.”

A Falun Dafa group practice site. (minghui.org)

Some time later, the doctor was not feeling well for several days. He was dizzy, he felt bloated and had a poor appetite, his shoulders and knees were sore, his chronic headache had returned, and to top it all off, he was unable to sleep.

The doctor decided to log onto the internet and noticed it was May 13—World Falun Dafa Day. He saw a lot of news articles about Falun Gong and celebratory events around the world.

May 13 is the day that Falun Dafa founder Li Hongzhi first publicly taught the practice in 1992.

“I thought, ‘Today is a special day. I should send good wishes to all of my friends who practice Falun Gong and to Master Li Hongzhi.’ I sent the following message to overseas practitioners: ‘Best wishes to all Dafa practitioners and Master Li Hongzhi. I hope that everything goes well for you.’”

A Chinese dragon team performs in the World Falun Dafa Day parade in New York on May 13, 2016. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

As soon as he sent the message, something strange happened. All of the uncomfortable symptoms he had felt for the past few days had suddenly gone. At first he could not believe it, and he shook his head several times. But his head did not hurt at all. Even his chronic headache had vanished.

As a medical doctor, he had no explanation for this, and he spent a long time thinking about it and pondering it.

“I’m truly amazed by what happened. It’s incredible. I can’t describe my feelings in words,” he said.


He wrote about his experience and shared it with others online, hoping that they would learn about Falun Gong and talk to people who practice it whenever they have a chance.

“There are many health issues that Western medical science cannot explain. We have to admit this because the unknowns outweigh what we do know. The problems that need to be solved outnumber the questions we have answers for.

“This world is remarkable, and there are many things we don’t have explanations for. I feel very humble,” he said.

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