A woman rescued a dog that fell through the ice covering Trout Lake, in Vancouver’s John Hendry Park, on Friday, Feb. 23. Footage of the incident was captured by Ben West, who described the woman’s act as “the most heroic thing” he’d ever seen in a Youtube post.

The dog is seen in the video standing on the frozen lake in the distance. A moment later, when West points his camera in that direction again, the dog is seen in a hole in the ice.

“The dog’s in the water,” West is heard saying.

Somebody calls a name, probably the dog’s. But it seems the dog can’t get out on its own. The video cuts and we see a woman wading through the water and breaking the ice with her hands, making her way toward the dog.

On Instagram, West wrote that the woman entered the water without hesitation, even though it wasn’t her dog. “I’m so inspired and so happy it all worked out for the best,” West wrote. “I saw the dog fall through the ice and screamed out. Community members all rushed to help and support her. We were all calling the dog’s name so it would keep swimming.”

The woman was “rushed to a house in the neighborhood and put in a warm bath while the paramedics were en route,” West said. The dog was returned to its owner.

Credit: Ben West via Storyful