Lucy Sparrow, known for building all-felt commercial art installations, such as pharmacies and corner stores, recently opened her own all-felt grocery store in downtown Los Angeles, according to VICE.

Last summer she opened a felt bodega in New York City, with everything for sale—and sold out quickly.

Her new shop is called “Sparrow Mart,” which is her fifth felt store and four times larger than the show in New York. The store is stocked with more than 31,000 items of merchandise, which took her a year to create.

The shelves are lined with individual products that are both cute and cuddly, with prices starting at $1. They range from instant noodle packages, candy, cleaning supplies, fresh fruit, hot dogs, pretzels, and much more.

During an interview with VICE, Sparrow said her inspiration for Sparrow Mart was from working in the supermarkets as she grew up. She also mentioned the world out there is “violent and scary,” while supermarkets are comforting and “nothing goes wrong there.”

Sparrow said her creations have to possess both good color and a strong logo. She also said that red is her most-used color, and she has done a lot of research about the art display through photographing supermarkets.

With her knowledge of a supermarket’s general layout and how products should be grouped, Sparrow has created a shop that feels strikingly like a real grocery store.

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Sparrow will be at the store with “co-workers” every day as part of the art installation and to help people find what they want. She mentioned during her interview with VICE that she likes the idea of providing affordable artwork to people.

“Sparrow Mart” is open through August 31, 2018, at The Standard in downtown Los Angeles.