Every woman dreams of having the perfect wedding. Before the big day arrives, it’s not uncommon for women to start working out to lose weight or tone their muscle. Then there’s the question of what style of makeup and hair to do … especially if a change is long overdue!

For Mary, she knew a change of hairstyle was badly needed before her wedding day. Her hair was very long—to the point that it was floor-length and dragged on the ground.

So, in the fall of 2012, Mary appeared on one of Tyra Banks’s “Age-Defying Makeovers” episodes. If not for the heels Mary wore that day, her hair would have touched the floor.

At the start, Tyra asked the audience to guess how old Mary was, and the average age guessed was 40. When Mary revealed that she was actually 23, many people gasped. Her extremely long hair had aged her looks.

“When was the last time you cut your hair?” Tyra asked.

“I’ve never cut my hair,” Mary answered. “My parents never cut it, and I’ve never cut it, except the bangs.

“My hair has always been me. It’s always been my security blanket. I’ve been scared to cut it since I’ve gotten older.”

Mary knows that her hairstyle makes her look much older than she is. She told the audience about a couple of instances when people misidentified her as being her sister’s mother (even though her sister is just 5 years younger than she) and also her mother’s sister (her mother is in her 50s).

After coming on the show, Mary, who was getting married soon, admitted that she needed a change.

“I want a new look for my new life,” she said.

And that new life was to be with her fiancé, Luke, who was in the audience, too. The audience learned it was Mary’s floor-length hair that first caught his attention.

Before Mary went backstage to get her makeover, Tyra wanted to do one more thing—she tied Mary’s hair in a ponytail and brought Luke down with a pair of scissors to do the honors. Mary started to tear up as she was a little bit scared, so Luke gave her a quick kiss on the cheek for support before making the cut. Instantly, her hair became shoulder length.

Mary then went off for her makeover, and when she returned later, the audience cheered loudly. Her hair was richly toned a touch darker, shiny, and cropped cleanly in a short, and oh-so-adorable, beautiful bob.

As Mary walked out in a sleeveless purple blouse to match her walnut hair, Luke couldn’t help but grin cheek to cheek and couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Oh my God!” Tyra exclaimed. “That’s crazy!”

Tyra asked Mary how she felt and she said, “I feel so free.”

Mary’s short hair made a huge difference, giving her a younger appearance. Luke looked pleased with the change as well.

“She looks good,” Luke said before embracing her with a kiss.

With her new hairstyle, Mary looks lovely, confident, and years younger—surely ready for her wedding day!

Watch Mary’s makeover here:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | RebelZero2012.