For parents of children with severe disabilities, it’s sometimes the love shown by a sibling that can be the most precious of all.

Twelve-year-old Angelina and her 8-year-old sister Aubrey decided to surprise their mom, Shellie Lopes Boulanger, on her wedding day with a choreographed dance.

The pair went out into the middle of the dance floor during the reception, letting the DJ clear the area by announcing a special dance following the mother-son dance for groom, Kyle.

The music started, and Angelina – who her mom explains is an ‘avid performer’ begins a well-rehearsed, beautiful dance with her younger sibling.

For any mother, the dance would be touching. For Lopes Boulanger, though, it was even more special because Aubrey is wheelchair-bound, meaning older sister Angelina had to actively work to include her in the performance.

Aubrey has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, meaning parts of her spinal cord have atrophied, or died. SMA doesn’t cause neurological defects, but does render the infants and children who develop it unable to walk, move, or sometimes breathe on their own.

“We were all completely blown away by this dance,” Lopes Boulanger explained, describing the tears the dance evoked. “I had absolutely no idea; they had been practicing it without me knowing.”

Lopes Boulanger wasn’t the only one touched by the dance, either. One commenter wrote “I really would like to watch this video til the end, but I can’t seem to see passed (sic) 30 secs. Probably has nothing to do with the continuous flow of tears.”

What an incredibly special sister Angelina is!

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