It’s summer, and school is out, and as the weather heats up kids across the country are setting up shop on their front lawns to start their first business: the classic lemonade stand.

But while most kids set out to make a little summer cash for themselves, one little girl had a different idea: all the proceeds went to a charitable cause close to her heart.

Screenshot via KDSK

When Lucy, a 7-year-old from St Charles, Missouri, found out that a family friend named Debbie had cancer, she knew she had to help somehow.

“She’s in stage four breast cancer and she’s really suffering,” Lucy’s grandmother told KDSK. The family knows Debbie through their Bible study group.

Lucy decided to spend the summer before second grade raising money selling lemonade, using all the money to help Debbie buy a wig.

Screenshot via KDSK

Her grandma says this kind of thoughtfulness and compassion isn’t unusual for Lucy: “We’ve seen it as part of who she is since she was old enough to talk and engage with people,” she said.

Lucy and her brothers Ryan and Jake have been braving the heat, selling drinks to passerby. And who could say no to some sweet, cold lemonade?

“It’s good because it has sugar,” Lucy said.

Screenshot via KDSK

But people weren’t just happy with the taste of the lemonade—they were stunned by such thoughtfulness from such a young girl.

“You have angel wings,” one customer told Lucy.

And this angel pulled off a miracle: after all her hard work, she was able to fund a nice new wig for Debbie.

“She’s going to do big things in her life,” her grandmother told KSDK. “She’s something else, she’s a sweet little thing.”