For a kid on summer break, finding money on the sidewalk is like winning the lottery. However, when three kids hit the jackpot with a lost wallet, they knew they had to do the right thing.

On July 18, three children from Aurora, Colorado—Haylie Wenke, 13, her little brother Reagan, 6, and friend Ashley Dayton—were cooling off on the splash pad at their local park.

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Denver

But as they rode their bikes home, they spotted something in a stranger’s driveway, underneath a car.

“It was like a black wallet and it was obvious because it was like, under the car,” Ashley told CBS Denver.

The kids knew the owner must’ve dropped it, and that it was in danger of being taken: “Someone else could take it and it’s not safe to leave it there in plain sight,” Haylie said. 

Inside the wallet was $700 cash.

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Denver

While some kids would’ve ignored the situation or even taken the money for themselves, the children decided to do the right thing: they went to the door to hand the owner back the wallet.

“It wasn’t our money, and we didn’t really need it, so we just gave it back,” Haylie told KUSA“If you see something that someone left or dropped, to always give it back and do the right thing.”

But this good deed didn’t go unnoticed: the kids were caught on the owner’s video doorbell. When no one was home, the youths placed the wallet in a secure place, explained the situation and ran back to their bikes.

Unbelievable how far this has gone. Thank you all for the positive comments about these wonderful kids!!!Update: Looks like this may be on 9news at 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM tonight. 7/25/18.Update: The mother of two of the kids has contacted me. Two news stations have also been in contact. I forwarded their information on to the mother so she can contact them if she likes. What a nice lady, such great kids!!!This happened last Wednesday, 7/18/18 at my house in Aurora Colorado. If this doesn’t renew or at least refresh your faith in humanity you need help. These kids are amazing, we would love to find them to reward them and thank them. Their parents should be so proud of them. Any help finding them would be great.

Posted by Jamie Carlton on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The owner of the wallet turned out to be a bartender named Nigel Drake, who hadn’t realized he had lost the item.

“I was carrying stuff in, I guess I dropped my wallet outside, and I didn’t know about it,” Drake said.

Yet watching the footage of the children returning the wallet brought a smile to his face.

“I watched the video, and it was just these nice three kids that just decided to do the nice thing,” Drake said. “It was very heartening to feel.”

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Denver

Drake’s father, Jamie Carlton, posted the footage on Facebook. It went viral with over 4,000 shares—far enough that Haylie and Reagan’s aunt from South Dakota saw it, and put Drake in contact with the family.

Now that he knows the identity of these young heroes, Drake plans to get them a thank you gift. The kids maintain that they don’t think they did anything extraordinary, but for Drake it was something special.

“It gives you faith in humanity a little bit that there are good kids out there,” Drake said. “These kids’ parents are raising them the right way.”