“It’s a beautiful performance, both amazing physical abilities, and also very educational.”

“It appears just beautiful and light and rich, and from a deep place.”

“The origins of humanity, the origins of purpose is something everyone’s seeking for nowadays, that goes beyond and transcends our everyday life. I think that comes across beautifully in the performance.”

“One of the sections was an awakening scene, and I think that will cause people, myself included, to think what is the purpose, why are you here, and what can you gain beyond the physical in life? And if it brings that message to make you think afresh, that’s all good I think.”

“What came across most for myself was how rich a heritage and a culture China has, and to have you think a bit deeper about the origins of China past, the origins of what made them what they are as people, is something which I hadn’t considered [before].”

“This brings a different perspective and a richer heritage, and a warmth about Chinese people and culture, which, for me, hasn’t come to me personally in any other way previously.”

“The whole performance is dynamic.”

“You can come and appreciate the beauty of the art, you can come and appreciate the beauty of the history of China, or you can come and appreciate the beauty of the spiritual heritage also. It’s multilayered and it delivered on all those levels.”